Tech Projects

May 2018:  Since that servo class and many electronics kits, I was engaged in a couple of years of data analytics and finally took the giant leap into robotics by building my own 3D printer,  a Kossel Mini dubbed Margo.  Officially hooked on robotics.

She has printed some great cases for Arduino and Raspberry Pi, but distracts me with amazing artistic prints.  I’m diving deep into Machine Learning to control camera recognition of animals for the CoopNanny and a secret adjacent project.

See Margo’s page for details on the adventure of building a 3D printer.












March 2016:  Seek Robotics Meetup has been a great source for shared learning and support.  This month I attended a Servo / Arduino class and made this!


So, I’ve been playing around with a few projects for quite a while now.

CoopNanny is, well, it’s a chicken coop nanny to watch over my Chickens (and goats).  She will feed me updates on environmental status, send me pictures, eventually do some automation of the Coop.  I’m getting my code and hardware in order to update on github.  It’s really coming together.  I’m working on my soldering skills so that I can actually get her into a nice enclosure and do a longer outdoor test.  Of course that means I had to order more parts and now I wait again, but checking out Adafruit really sparked my interest in some other projects.  So I have MORE things on the workbench (I love the eyeballs, and the animated jewelry).

I’ve done experimentation with Arduino, wearable tech, Raspberry Pi, Python, Process, a indoor position tracking and a few little soldering kits.  I get so inspired and excited about all the fun things that Makers are building that I have to really work to focus.  I worked for years as a kernel programmer with Locus computing, an awesome group of people who mentored and taught me so many things about Unix, vi, networking code, software development practices, I really miss that team!  When I sit down to edit code and pull up vi, it is like I’m hanging out with them again in my happy place.

When I have my code presentable, and some cool pictures I will make this page a bit more technical.  For now,  let’s just say it’s all coming together!