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Well, I’m taking courses again and creating what I hope is art, again. Still not all the way moved in to our new home, and really trying to get a grip on the new landscaping.  I love it here and have found a special kind of peace, I hardly ever want to leave the LKRanch. […]


Welcome to March 2014.   Birds are everywhere, rain is falling, the small farm is setup and routines are in order. Soon I will be able to make art again and surf again, so stoked, can’t wait.  Our new home is inspirational.  I can’t believe how quickly time is moving!  

Lots of change!

Well I started this site by saying change is good.  Since then we have moved to a rural home with room for my animals, and I have taken a python class (so much fun!), worked on my digital painting skills and in general tried to hold everything together while Husband is working on a project […]

Dream Board

I would love to be an artist in residence at any of our National Parks in the West.  Something to work towards and put on the dream board.  In the mean time I need to spend more time camping and creating art in the Parks to build the portfolio.  Time to plan!  🙂

Heat wave

First try at Sunset Cliffs, super hot muggy day.   It has been so hot here.  We hardly ever get such a long lasting hot humid week.  Eventually I couldn’t stand being stuck inside for yet another day and went outside to paint.  It was my first paint-out at Sunset Cliffs and wow, I will […]

Art lessons

  So this Summer one of the new things I tried was an online Art Camp by Noah Bradley..  Money well spent!  We are on week 8 now and I meant to share each week, but the work has been intense and I’m finally updating my site!  So here are the gesture sketches from week […]