Thorny Ranch


Welcome to our small family farm in Southern California, Thorny Ranch.

We have Nigerian Dwarf dairy goats, chickens, citrus, avocado and  vegetable beds.

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News 03/04/2016 :

5 Nigerian Dwarf bucklings – wethered, for sale as pets and weed eaters.  Must leave as pairs, or you must have goats already.




News 12/ 10/15:  Prices on the eggs and fruit are suggested donations to cover chicken food and water.

Current produce available:

Baby it’s cold outside and the hens are not laying.  I haven’t gotten desperate enough to mess with their natural cycle by putting a light on for them.  Once they are done with the most epic molt of all time I may try to trick them into thinking the days are getting longer.

Eggs by the half dozen ($3.00)  

Lemons, Mexican Limes, Grapefruit. ($10.00 full grocery sack)

Ripening for harvest soon : Persimmons


  • Incubator is empty, if you want me to hatch some chicks for you I will be glad to give you an estimate for the service.  You can have the chicks on day 1 after they have all hatched, or I can raise them for a few weeks for you until they can be outside at your home!  Great for biosecurity and you don’t have to ship the babies across the country.
  • Boarding: goats, dogs.  If you need a place for your goats or dog to stay then let’s chat.  Dogs must be non-reactive to cats, chickens and goats.  They must enjoy other (big) dogs.  We can talk about what vaccinations and health checks are needed before bringing a goat to stay.  I do not offer boarding for chickens.

Current livestock available:

  • Breeding schedule shows possible Nigerian Dwarf Goat babies due during the window of January 8 – February 19, 2016.
  • Roosters:  2 so far, possibly more.  Backyard mixes.


Sold, Dude it’s Alpha went to Pomona petting zoo

1.4 year old wether calico goat, great weed eater










Sold, Sepia went to live with a new friend and eat weeds

 : 9 week old male, dam raised, wethered – available, great weed eater (the brown one)

brown goat for sale









Sold to a sweet pet home, thanks.  Good Luck Curly, be a good goat!  9 week old male – to be wethered – bottle baby, snuggler great pet goat – He needs a home!